W-ritröð (W-Series)

W24:01 Torben M. Andersen, Andri S. Sigmarsson, Gylfi Zoega, Old Age Saving in a Welfare State (pdf)

W24:02 Sigurdur P. Olafsson, Arnaldur S. Stefansson, Gylfi Zoega, Mortgage Relief and Household Saving, Evidence from a natural experiment in Iceland using Administrative Data (pdf)


W23:01 Birgir Þór Runólfsson, Evolution of User Rights Quality in the Icelandic Fisheries (pdf)


W22:03 Ragnar Árnason, Birgir Þ. Runólfsson, Strong Unser Rights in Fisheries: Delineating the Impacts: A Case Study of Assessing the Impacts (pdf)

W22:02 Ragnar Árnason, Birgir Þ. Runólfsson, Strong Unser Rights in Fisheries: Delineating the Impacts (pdf)

W22:01 Tinna Ásgeirsdóttir, Gísli Gylfason, Gylfi Zoega, Iceland's Natural Experiment in Education Reform (pdf)

W20:01 Axel Hall, Gylfi Zoega, Welfare, Employment and Hours of Work (pdf)

W19:02 Jukka Siltanen, Hafnarhólmi í Borgarfirði eystra, efnahagsleg áhrif (pdf)

W19:01 Gísli Gylfason og Gylfi Zoega,  Um drengi og stúlkur í íslenska menntakerfinu (pdf)

W18:06 Elías Elíasson, Rafmagn til heimila og útflutnings á markaði (pdf)

W18:05 Hian Teck Hoon, Margarita Katsimi and Gylfi Zoega, Investment, Current Account and the Long Swings of Employment (pdf)

W18:04 Emil Dagsson, Þorlákur Karlsson and Gylfi Zoega, The Intergeneral Transmission of Education: A Case Study from Iceland (pdf)

W18:03 Gylfi Zoega, Staða efnahagsmála í aðdraganda kjarasamninga (pdf)

W18:02 Þórólfur Matthíasson, Eyjólfur Sigurðsson, Resource Rent Spillovers to Fishers' Remuneration (pdf)

W18:01 Jóhannes Karlsson, Þórólfur Matthíasson, Basic income - an Early Icelandic Experiment (pdf)

W17:04 Margarita Katsimi, Gylfi Zoega, The Modigliani Puzzle Revisited: A Note  (pdf)

W17:03 David Björnsson, Fredrik Kopsch, Gylfi Zoega, Discrimination in the Housing market as an Impediment to European Labour Force Integration: The case of Iceland  (pdf)

W17:02 Jonas Gunnarsson, Gylfi Zoega, Who votes for right-wing populist parties in Europe? (pdf)

W17:01 Gylfi Zoega, Restoring Confidence in the Aftermath of Iceland's Financial Crisis (pdf)

Slóðir á eldri vinnupappíra má finna á vefsafni. 


W15:01 Ágúst Arnórsson, Gylfi Zoega.  Social Capital and the Labor Market. 



W14:01 Gunnar Haraldsson , Jónas Hlynur Hallgrímsson.  A review on self- or community management measures in New Zealand and Australia.



W13:10. Thórólfur Matthíasson , Sigrún Davídsdottir. Five years on: Myths and lessons from post-collapse Iceland - end the Eurozone debt crisis seen from the North. 

W13:09. Kristín Helga Birgisdóttir and Tinna Laufey Ásgeirsdóttir. Education and Health: Effects of Schooling Reforms on Birth Outcomes in Iceland. 

W13:08. Gylfi Zoega. The West as an (almost) exclusive club. 

W13:07 Axel Hall and Gylfi Zoega. Values and Labor Force Participation in the Nordic Countries.

W13:06 Gudmundur S. Gudmundsson and Gylfi Zoega. Age structure and the current account. 

W13:05 Kjartan Hanson and Gylfi Zoega. Capital flows and labour-market distortions. 

W13:04 Gylfi Zoega. China´s Economic Growth: Some Stylized Facts. 

W13:03 Waqas Ahmeda, M. Ali Choudhary, a Sajawal Khana, Saima Mahmooda and Gylfi Zoega. Determinants of Wage Stickiness in an Emerging Economy. 

W13:02 Thorolfur Matthiasson. Myths and truths of the Icelandic recovery in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis. 

W13:01  Thorolfur Matthiasson. The Icelandic response to the collapse of the financial sector in October 2008. 



W11:01  Manoj Atolia, Tor Einarsson and Milton Marquis. Liquidity Shortages in a Model with Equilibrium Shirking. 

Slóðir á eldri vinnupappíra má finna á vefsafni. 


W10:06  Kari S. Fridriksson and Gylfi Zoega. Advertising as a predictor of investment. 

W10:05  Helga Kristjansdottir and Sverrir Kristjan Thorvaldsson. Icelandic development assistance: A comparative assessment. 

W10:04  Thorhildur Olafsdottir and Tinna Laufey Asgeirsdottir. Does month of birth affect individual health and educational attainment? 

W10:03  Gylfi Magnusson. Lessons from a small country in a financial crisis. 

W10:02  Olafur G. Halldorsson and Gylfi Zoega. Icelands financial crisis in an international perspective. 

W10:01  Ju-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. Life-cycle, effort and academic deadwood. 



W09:10  Ju-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. Strong hysteresis due to age effects. 

W09:09  Ju-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. An essay on the generational effect of employment protection. 

W09:08  Anna Gunnthorsdottir, Roumen Vragov and Jianfei Shen. Tacit coordination in contribution-based grouping with two endowment levels. 

W09:07  Axel Hall and Gylfi Zoega. Working in spite of high taxes: On the role of culture in explaining high employment in the Nordic countries.

W09:06  Gylfi Zoega. Employment and asset prices. 

W09:05  Gylfi Zoega. Market forces and the continent's growth problem. 

W09:04  Gylfi Zoega. A double-edged sword: High interest rates in capital-control regimes. 

W09:03  Jon Danielsson and Gylfi Zoega. The collapse of a country. 

W09:02  Manoj Atolia, Tor Einarsson and Milton Marquis. Understanding liquidity shortages during severe economic downturns. 

W09:01  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Spinning out of control. Iceland in crisis. 



W08:07  Ragnar Arnason. Natural Resource Rents: Theoretical Clarification. 

W08:06  Axel Hall and Gylfi Zoega. Feminism and labour supply in the Nordic countries. 

W08:05  Gylfi Zoega. Productivity, wages and relationships.

W08:04  Thrainn Eggertsson. Knowledge and economic progress: The role of social technologies. 

W08:03  Thrainn Eggertsson. Genetic technology and the evolution of property rights: The case of Decode Genetics. 

W08:02  Tinna Laufey Asgeirsdottir and Gylfi Zoega. Sleeping.

W08:01  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Development and growth in mineral-rich countries.



W07:14  Ragnar Arnason. Fisheries enforcement with a stochastic response function. 

W07:13  Thorvaldur Gylfason and Eduard Hochreiter. Growing apart? A tale of two republics: Estonia and Georgia.

W07:12  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Economic gain from education in Iceland during the period 1985 to 1999.

W07:11  Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. Worker heterogeneity, new monopsony and training. 

W07:10  Yu-Fu Chen and Gylfi Zoega. Aging and job security.

W07:09  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Keynes, investment, unemployment and expectations.

W07:08  Thorolfur Matthiasson and Claire W. Armstrong. Effects of foreshortening of transferred quota in an ITQ market.

W07:07  Helgi Tomasson. Likelihood Based Surveillance of Continuous-Time Processes. 

W07:06  Helgi Tomasson. Review of econometric modeling approaches in finance. 

W07:05  Anna Gunnthorsdottir, Roumen Vragov, Kevin McCabe and Stefan Seifert. The meritocracy as a mechanism to overcome social dilemmas. 

W07:04  Gylfi Zoega. Endogenous employment cycles in Euroland. 

W07:03  Thorvaldur Gylfason. The international economics of natural resources and growth. 

W07:02  Helga Kristjansdottir. Talking trade or talking aid? Does investment substitute for aid in the developing countries? 

W07:01  Ali Choudhary, Thorlakur Karlsson and Gylfi Zoega. Testing for customer markets using survey data.



W06:13  Brynhildur Davidsdottir. Sustainable energy development. Published in Davidsdottir B., et al. 2007, Measuring Sustainable Energy Development with a Three-Dimensional Index, in Erickson and Gowdy, 2007, Frontiers in Ecological Economic Theory and Application, Edward Elgar.

W06:12  Helga Kristjansdottir. Substitution between inward and outward foreign direct investment.

W06:11  Helga Kristjansdottir. Evaluation of Icelandic trade flows, the gravity model approach.

W06:10  Brynhildur Davidsdottir. Capital constraints and the effectiveness of environmental policy. 

W06:09  Gylfi Zoega. Market forces and the continent's growth problem. 

W06:08  Fridrik M Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M von der Fehr. Vertical integration and long-term contracts in risky markets. 

W06:07  Ragnar Arnason. Conflicting uses of marine resources: Can ITQ’s promote an efficient solution? 

W06:06  Thorvaldur Gylfason and Gylfi Zoega. A golden rule of depreciation.

W06:05  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Global factors, unemployment adjustment and the natural rate. 

W06:04  Thorolfur Matthiasson. To whom should the rent accrue? 

W06:03  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. Iceland's Currency Dilemma. 

W06:02  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Possible stakeholder conflicts in quota regulated fisheries, contribution to the political economics of fisheries.

W06:01  Eyjolfur Sigurdsson, Kristin Siggeirsdottir, Halldor Jonsson jr , Vilmundur Gudnason, Thorolfur Matthiasson, Brynjolfur Y Jonsson. Early discharge and home intervention reduces unit costs after total hip replacement: Results of a cost analysis in a randomized study. 

Slóðir á eldri vinnupappíra má finna á vefsafni. 


W05:14  J. Michael Orszag and Gylfi Zoega. Are Risky Workers More Valuable to Firms? 

W05:13  Fridrik M. Baldursson. Fairness and pressure group competition. 

W05:12  Marias H. Gestsson and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Fiscal Policy as a Stabilizing Tool. 

W05:11  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. On the Adverse Effects of Development Aid.

W05:10  Thráinn Eggertsson and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Evolution of Financial Institutions: Iceland’s Path from Repression to Eruption. 

W05:09  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. The Icelandic Pension System in 2004. 

W05:08  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Unemployment, investment and global expected returns: A panel FAVAR approach.

W05:07  Gylfi Zoega and Thorlakur Karlsson. Does Wage Compression Explain Rigid Money Wages? 

W05:06  Thorvaldur Gylfason. India and China. 

W05:05  Edmund S. Phelps. Can Capitalism Survive?

W05:04  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Institutions, Human Capital, and Diversification of Rentier Economies. 

W05:03  Jón Daníelsson and Ásgeir Jónsson. Countercyclical Capital and Currency Dependence.

W05:02  Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. Worker Heterogeneity, Intra-firm Externalities and Wage Compression. 

W05:01  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Martin Paldam. Does developement aid help poor countries catch up? 



W04:12  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Personal Pensions and Markets. 

W04:11  Fridrik M. Baldursson and Sigurdur Johannesson. Countervailing Power in the  Icelandic Cement Industry.

W04:10  Fridrik M. Baldursson. Property by ultimatum: The case of the Reykjavik Savings Bank. 

W04:09  Ingolfur Arnarson. Analyzing Behavior of Agents of Economic Processes in Time. 

W04:08  Otto Biering Ottosson and Thorolfur Matthiasson. Subsidizing the Icelandic Fisheries. 

W04:07  Niels Vestergaard and Ragnar Árnason. On the Relationship between Greenland's Gross Domestic Product and her Fisheries. 

W04:06  Ingolfur Arnarson. Modelling Fishery Management. Schemes with an Olympic System Application.

W04:04  Edmund S. Phelps. Changing Prospects, Speculative Swings: Structuralist Links trough Real Asset Prices and Exchange Rates. 

W04:03  Ingolfur Arnarsson. Analysing Behavior of Agents of Economic Processes in Time. 

W04:02  Ron Smith and Gylfi Zoega. Global Shocks and Unemployment Adjustment. 

W04:01  Friðrik Már Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr. Prices vs. quantities: public finance and the choice of regulatory instruments. 



W03:07  Sveinn Agnarsson and Ragnar Arnason. The Role of the Fishing Industry in the Icelandic Economy. A Historical Examination. 

W03:06  Thorolfur Matthiasson. Paying paper by paper, the wage system of Icelandic University teachers explained. 

W03:05  Gur Ofer and Ilana Grau. Bringing the Government hospitals into line: The next step of reform in the healthcare sector. 

W03:04  Ingolfur Arnarsson and Pall Jensson. The Impact of the Cost of the Time Resource on the Efficiency of Economic Processes.

W03:03  Torben M. Andersen and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Measuring Globalization.

W03:02  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and J. Michael Orszag. The Early Retirement Burden: Assessing the Costs of Continued Prevalence of Early Retirement in OECD Countries. 

W03:01  Eirik S. Amundssen, Fridrik M. Baldursson and Jørgen Birk Mortensen. Price Volatility and Banking in Green Certificate markets. 



W02:10  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. A Microstate with Scale Economies: The Case of Iceland. 

W02:09  Alison, L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. Is Wage Compression a Necessary Condition for Firm-Financed General Training?

W02:08  Asgeir Jonsson. Exchange rate interventions in centralized labor markets.

W02:07  Alison L. Booth, Marco Francesconi and Gylfi Zoega. Oligospony, Institutions and the Efficiency of General Training.

W02:06  Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega. If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? Wage inequality with heterogeneous workers. 

W02:05  Gudmundur Magnusson and Saso Andonov. Basel Capital Adequacy Ratio and the Icelandic Banking Sector: Quantitative Impact, Structural Changes and Optimality Considerations. 

W02:04  Tor Einarsson. Small Open Economy Model with Domestic Resource Shocks: Monetary Union vs. Floating Exchange Rate.

W02:03  Thorvaldur Gylfason. The Real Exchange Rate Always Floats. 

W02:02  Fridrik M. Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr. Prices vs. Quantities: The Case of Risk Averse Agents.

W02:01  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Banks, Bonds, and the Liquidity Effect.



W01:11  Sveinn Agnarsson. Open Access to a Cultural Heritage: An Economic Analysis of the SagaNet Project. 

W01:10  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. Shrinking Labour Forces and Early Retirement.  Published in CESifo Forum 2(4),  2001. 

W01:08  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Bank Intermediation and Persistent Liquidity Effects in the Presence of a Frictionless Bond Market. 

W01:07  Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis. Bank. Intermediation over the Business Cycle. (.pdf). Published in The Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 33(4), 2001, pp. 876-899.

W01:06  Thorvaldur Gylfason. Lessons from the Dutch Disease: Causes, Treatment, and Cures. 

W01:05  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and Gylfi Zoega. The Modigliani 'Puzzle'. 

W01:04  Yu-Fu Cheng and Gylfi Zoega. Exchange-rate Volatility as Employment Protection. 

W01:03  Ásta Herdís Hall and Sólveig Fríða Jóhannsdóttir. Generational Equality in Iceland. 

W01:02  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson and J. Michael Orszag. The Costs of Early Retirement in the OECD.

W01:01  Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson. The Economics of Early Retirement.  Published in Journal of Pensions Management 6(4), 2001.